Year Wrap-up Bellatrix

Bella has matured physically and emotionally a great deal this year. She is a statuesque creature, solid, powerful and surefooted. While not quite full grown yet, she is well on her way to being the mount she was breed to be. Her conformation would suggest great natural ability in skills of classical horsemanship. Time will tell if I am assessing her correctly.

In the past year, we have not worked with her as much as some of the other horses on the property, as we were waiting for to reach something of her full stature before asking too much of her. She has had a good start under saddle but her real saddle work can now begin with the coming of spring.

In the upcoming training season I will finish her as a general riding horse and begin her training as a warhorse. When we have her carrying her rider with complete balance, left to right and front to back, then we can start to help her master the elements of medieval martial equitation.

She may not be ready for use for such activities this event season as her owner is not in any particular hurry as far as her training goes, but I am hoping to have her as at least a reliable mount for general riding by the SCA event to be held in the area the first weekend in May.

Just how much time I can devote to her training will depend to a great degree on how many other horses I will have to work this spring.

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