Jupiter – Coming Right Along

I want to go on record again as saying, I really love working with Jupiter. I have never met as genuinely nice a horse before in my life. He simply loves everyone and is as gentle a beast as you could possibly want. Add to this the fact that he is smart, brave and physically capable, with excellent conformation and you have all the traits of a great horse.

In the last few rides I came away with the belief that I can declare him a reliable riding horse right now, even if there is more work to do and calling him a warhorse is still a little further on down the road. He has, from very early in his training, responded extremely well to leg pressure but now he is also taking cues from the riders seat as well. He already stops reliably, but has begun to soften in the bridle to a level more to my liking. There is much collection work yet to do as well, but his natural self-carriage was already well balanced when he came to me and has improved much as his conditioning has gotten better.

His natural asymmetry is starting to even out, allowing him to move straight and balance well in both direction. This makes it easier for him to carry a rider of my size at the canter without being scared of compromising his balance.

He is a very brave animal who puts a great deal of trust in his rider. In fact, he is the type of horse that looks to humans to solve problems rather than as the cause of them.

He is proving to be a very solid trail horse who, while balking at new obstacles momentarily, has not refused anything asked of him.

The next few months should see rapid improvement in his overall performance and I expect great things from him as training continues.

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